Church of the Trinity (Церковь Троицы Живоначальной)

Church of the Trinity Orel, Russia

(address: г.Орёл ул.Ермолова, 13а.)

The family chapel was built between 1844-45 with funds provided by Arkadi Vassiliavitch (1790-1878) who was governor of Orel from 1830 to 1837. He built the chapel to commemorate the lives of his beloved family members who dies in Orel. Buried in the chapel’s crypt are his mother Elena Vassilievna (née Tumanskaya)(Елена Васильевна Туманская) (1762-1836),  and both his wife Sophia Nikolaevna (née Princess Wiazemskaya) (Софья Николаевна Вяземская) (1798-1834) and his young son Viktor (1828-1834) who both died from the Cholera epidemic of 1834.

Alexander Andreeivich visiting the chapel in 2008
Alexander Andreeivich visiting the chapel in 2008



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