A Miniature Russian Icon Set with the Theotokos of the Passion in a Silver Cartier Frame

Sold at Aspire Auctions 2012


1½” square
Hand painted icon in polychrome and gilt depicting Mary and Baby Jesus with angels, cyrillic lettering on one side, a depiction of Jesus as the Turin shroud on the reverse, both fit in a silver pendant frame under beveled glass. The frame is inscribed “Cartier, Paris” at the top, Foulques Cte de Lareinty Tholozan Prince Kotchoubey” on the bottom, also inscribed in Arabic surrounding the Mother and Child, and illegibly in French script on either side edge.

Count Lareinty Tholozan was from a prominent French family; married to Princess Demidoff of the Russian court, adopted by his stepfather Michael Mikhailovich Kotchoubey. He appears to have lead a rather notorious life, having been in WWI with distinguished service, then having mismanaged the family winery to ruin, after which he became active in WWII when Hitler broke the Nazi-Soviet pact of mutual non-aggression. He died in 1944, shot for collaboration, though a telegram later arrived listing him as a double agent for England.
Condition: Mild handling wear to the frame.
Sold with Premium

Oct 18, 2012




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