Kotchoubey House in the City of Glukhov (вулиця Шевченка, 30 Sumy Province, Ukraine)

A recent webpage with the Ukrainian title: Старовинні садиби Сумщини. Глухів. Садиба Кочубеїв highlights one of the few remaining Kotchoubey houses left in Ukraine. Link to the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture page.

A two-storey stone house in the cast-iron fence, surrounded by trees and shrubs, is located in historic downtown peripheral zone near Ascension Cemetery Street Romanov (now st. Shevchenko, 30) at one time belonged to the family Kochubey (photo).



according to the website:

The Glukhov Kotchoubey mansion was built in 1904 and during the Soviet period it housed numerous children’s institutions. The building has not undergone any major renovations and as a result the internal plan of the house is preserved with only a few 20th century partitions. As a result, parts of the interior decorations have been lost. Now the house contains Directorate of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve in. Glukhov