Church of St. Basil the Great (Трехсвятительсая церковь) Destroyed


The Church of St. Basil the Great (Kiev, Ukraine)

The original church in Kiev was built in the 12th century but a wooden church may have stood in ints place since 980.  Between 1658-1660 the church was bombarded by artillery shells and burned during the revolt of Hetman I. Vigovskiy against Moscow. Only in 1692, did works begin on rebuilding the church in earnest and an interesting artefact suggests that The General Judge Vassilli Leontovich was closely involved in its completion.

A print by Hilarion Migura, dated 1 January 1707 to celebrate the completion of the restoration was dedicated to Judge General of the Zaparozhian Army, Vassili Kotchoubey. The print shows the church  and lower down on the page the Kotchoubey family coat of arm with a congratulatory message that appears to praise him for his actions based on the blessings of Metropolitan Varlaama Yasinskiy, head of the Kiev Department of the Church, to contribute to the restoration of the church .

The church would be renovated a few times more but closed in 135-1936 and then razed to make room for a new plan of Kiev.









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