Штрихи до портрета голови Глухівських повітових земських зборів Василя Петровича Кочубея Реброва, Н.


Link to PDF (in Ukrainian):Vassili Petrovitch Kotchoubey-Rebrova

Досліджується внесок Василя Петровича Кочубея в боротьбу Глухівського земства з яроутворенням у повіті.
Исследуется вклад Василия Петровича Кочубея в борьбу Глуховского земства с оврагами в уезде.

The contribution of Vasyliy Petrovych Kochubey into the struggle of Glukhiv clannishness with the ravine formation is researched in the report . Vasyliy Petrovych Kochubey had large landownership in Ukraine – on the territory of Chernigiv and Poltava regions. The main land tenures in Chrnigiv province were concentrated in Glukhiv, Novgorod-Siverskiy, Kozelets, Konotop districts. About 1896 the family of Vasyliy Petrovych Kochubey moved to Chernigiv province and was paying great attention to the development of their estates. It can be bravely assumed that Vasyliy Petrovych was the patriot of his lands. He used progressive measures to improve the management. His approaches were based on the study and usage of advanced experience . He was among of the first ones who paid attention to the afforestation of the sands, planting of the wind-proof forest belts, struggle with the ravine formation The convincing assessment of business skills and social position of Vasyliy Kochubey is his election as the Chairman of Glukhiv district country council assemblies. Having become the chairman he was eager to spread his positive progressive experience in the district. On the 30th of September in 1897 on Glukhiv district country councilassemblies Vasiyliy Petrovych made a report «About the necessity to discuss the issue about measures against ravines within Glukhiv district». It is worth of saying that it was the first thorough comprehensive study the issue of struggle with the ravine formation in our area. Vasyliy Petrovych had put the basis for solving this problem .