Recipe of the Day: Partridge a la Kotschoubey

From The Derrydale Game Cookbook By Louis P. de Gouy

Casserole of Partridge à la Kotschoubey

…The original recipe requires the larding of the bird with small sticks of black truffles. This is optional. Cook a cleaned, wiped dry partridge in 2 tablespoons of butter, in a casserole placed over a medium-sized fire until golden browned on all sides, for 30 minutes and covered, turning the bird often (the bird should be trussed as you would an ordinary chicken). Turn the bird in an earthenware casserole. Surround it with a generous half cup of cooked Brussels sprouts, first parboiled then cooked in brown butter; add also 1/4 cup of small dices or cubes of salt pork, rather lean, sautéed also in butter. Pour over 3 tablespoons of Demiglacé sauce. Adjust the cover and set the dish in boiling water for 5 long minutes to mellow. Serve in Casserole.

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