Rare imperial Russian supper menu

at auction….


s-l1600aRare imperial Russian supper menu printed in French for members of the suite of Tsar Nicholas II heavily embossed with the Rusian imperial eage in various colours surmounted by a gold crown. It is dated 28th January 1903, and was printed by Peter Semenukov of 8 Morskaya in St. Petersburg.

“Diner 28th January 1903

Consommé with truffle aroma
Rissoles (small croquette) and spicy hot sauce
Prague ham and foie gras with Piccalilli sauce
Chicken pot with truffle mirepoix
Roasted Pheasants from Bohemia and Ducklings from Nantes
Fresh salad, lettuce and cucumbers
Pineapple Parisian style

On the reverse a guest has written the names of the other guests present:

Prince Kochubey, Baron Grunewald, Count Cheremetieff, Prince Saltykoff, Narishkin, Tatischeff, Geinegun, Bimakoff