Story of Kotchoubey and Mazeppa in Romanov News No.94

In his January 2016 edition of ROMANOV NEWS # 94 – НОВОСТИ РОМАНОВЫХ # 94, Paul Kulikovsky wrote a small article about the story of Vassyli Kotchoubey and the Hetman Mazeppa.poltava_kotchoubey


In addition, Kulikovsky included the photo from August 20th, 1911 of the Emperor’s visit to the Lavra in Kiev and a prayer at the grave of the fallen Kotchoubey and his comrade-at-arms, Iskra. The friendship between the Imperial family and the Kotchoubeys extended far beyond the historical ties forged under Catherine II. Before and during Nicholas II’s reign, among his closest aides and friends was Prince Victor Sergeivich Kotchoubey. His cousin Mariamna Mikhailovna Nilova (née Princess Kotchoubey) was married to Admiral Konstantin Dmitrievitch Nilov / Константин Дмитриевич Нилов (1856-1919), who was one of Nicholas II closest friends and accompanied him on all Naval expeditions and voyages especially on the Imperial Yacht, ” Standardt.”